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Healthy Communication.

Healthcare is a field that is based on communication, with clearly transmitted information being important for patient care. Unified communications solutions may have the above myriad of benefits, but the greatest are the solution’s ability to support clear communication between healthcare providers, to enable access to important patient information, and to improve overall efficiency in communication between nurses, doctors, and other professionals involved in a patient’s care. What is the key to improved patient outcomes and increased clinician resources? Advantel Networks offers cutting-edge technology, dependable service and comprehensive healthcare communications solutions.

Healthcare Advantage.

Every day, healthcare organization faces critical connectivity and data management challenges. Physicians, nurses, and caregivers need a full-service communication solution that’s as reliable as it is easy to use. For them, the right solution can mean the difference between quality care and complicated care.

To ease patient transfers, provide real-time access to peer reviews, and ultimately improve decision support for healthcare providers, Advantel Networks offers a variety of converged solutions to provide you with a dependable, comprehensive communication network.

Improved Communication

An extension of real-time voice and text solutions is improved communication between team members, which can prevent any issues from arising. This leads to improved workflow and more efficient processes.

Mobile Access

Advantel Networks helps you plan for healthcare professionals using their own mobile smart devices—designing and enabling unified communications solutions that allow health professionals access to your network—without compromising security or efficiency.

Improved Access to The Latest Medical Information

Using unified communications solutions in a healthcare organization means that medical professionals have access to the latest studies, content, and medical innovations related to their specialty. Enabling healthcare professionals to easily access this content can also lead to improved patient care.


Real-Time Information is a Lifesaver.

“The ability to provide instant and optimal communication is vital to providing patients with the best care. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations use outdated, error-prone modes of communication. Smart unified communications solutions—built specifically for healthcare—improves management, workflow, and delivers clear, up to date information that can literally mean the difference between life and death.