Best is a practice – What our new tagline means

    The saying may technically be grammatically incorrect, but the meaning behind it is heartfelt. Simply put; “Best” is what drives this company. It’s what our customers expect and what we deliver. Bringing the best people, the best processes and the best technology to the best clients is the heart of what we do.

    We don’t limit our best to a single solution or service. It’s in everything we do, from top to bottom, day in and day out, project after project, and year after year.

    “Best” means something more to us. It’s a way of thinking that sets us apart.Strange as it may seem, our business is not our priority. We don’t focus on the best interests of Advantel. Instead, it’s our customers’ best interests that matter. They take absolute priority in everything we do. Our approach is consultative, and our commitment to what’s best for our clients allows us to serve as their trusted advisor. That role – and the trust it entails – would be impossible to achieve if we put other interests first – even our own.

    This philosophy is what defines Advantel, and the true meaning behind “Best is a practice.”

    “Best practices” is a phrase that many organizations have adopted in recent years. Some companies follow best practices. Some subscribe to them. Some adhere to them. Some even apply them.

    But all the following, subscribing, adhering and applying in the world doesn’t necessarily promise or represent anything more than paying lip service to a noble aspiration. “Best practices” – often serves as an incantation meant to reassure customers that there’s something good going on behind the scenes – even though it’s rarely clear what that “something” is.

    We wanted to take the idea of best practices a step further and remove it from the realm of the buzzword. After all, we take the underlying concept seriously, and we think its application is far from vague.

    In our eyes, the real meaning of best practices is clear and specific. The single most significant thing we can do for our customers is put their interests before others, including our technology manufacturers, and our own.

    In the end it’s simple. “Best is a practice” simply means you can be confident in knowing that every time you collaborate with any of one of us at Advantel, you will be getting the very best we have to offer. Every. Single. Time.