Our Advantage With VantageCare

    “VantageCare is a program that drives a measure of value and encapsulates everything that Advantel can do for you, from services to support, to hardware, to staff.” – Nelson Martinez, Vice President of Operations

    When it comes to organizations, we hold one particular truth to be self-evident: that all companies are different.

    Companies in the same industry – even if they both claim to be following industry best practices –conduct business in their own special ways. The differences can be the result of company size, distinct mixes of personnel, unique legacy systems, subtly different accounting approaches or a thousand other different major and minor distinctions. From the outside, the differences may be undetectable, but the fact remains: Each organization is unique, and no two businesses are alike.

    This has been the inspiration behind VantageCare, and one of the many reasons for its ongoing success. It is a break from tradition that provides businesses a way to control costs while managing their communication and networking assets more effectively.

    In scope, Advantel’s VantageCare Complete is unique in its ability to address business needs that revolve around virtually any IT asset at any stage of its existence, whether it’s a matter of evaluation of current capacity, system design, installation, maintenance, management, support, training or planning for future enhancements of in-place assets.

    In other words, its scope truly is complete.

    VantageCare is as flexible and adaptable as any business requires. Customers can rely on Advantel to manage much more than the typical managed-service offering.

    In other words, the right services are seen through the eyes of the organization, not through a one-size-fits-all perspective where technology exists for its own sake.

    Where it’s typical for a managed services provider to handle voice or unified communications, for example, limiting themselves to that technology, Advantel has the flexibility to extend solutions to data networking, wireless, storage, security and a wide range of implementations that aren’t strictly communications-related.

    VantageCare still includes telephony, a key part of our heritage, but it has grown far beyond that, just as phones have grown far beyond the landlines of years past.

    In essence, that’s what makes “infrastructure-as-a-service” an accurate reflection of what we’re able to provide through VantageCare. It works for our customers because no matter how extensive their needs are, Advantel is equipped to be the single point of contact for managing those needs at every stage.

    From the customer’s perspective, it’s a way of simplifying all the complexity that goes along with IT infrastructure and applications, and, equally important, a way to make IT costs manageable and predictable. Where major capital expenses and uncertain support costs once made for difficult decisions, VantageCare offers a way for any business to meet its own completely unique needs with ultimate flexibility.

    From remote monitoring and live ticketing via our customer web portal, to the ability to track the progress of a project in real time, VantageCare can meet your business needs.

    For Advantel it’s a matter of implementing options that give unique organizations tailored solutions to problems that are, by definition, equally unique. The customer, not the technology, comes first.