More Power to Their Customers: A New Contact Center Transforms Customer Service.

March 15, 2016

With more than 1 million electric and gas customers in Indiana and Ohio, a Midwestern Utility was having trouble keeping up with their customers. Their legacy contact center and outdated customer service capabilities were costing them time, money, and most importantly, customer goodwill. The company’s existing telephony provider—who had been providing Unified Communications services—offered their contact center solution, but it didn’t address all of the identified requirements as detailed by their contact center design committee. With a positive recommendation from a mutual customer, Advantel Networks received an opportunity to present an Avaya Contact Center solution.

Key business requirements.

Every engagement Advantel undertakes begins with clearly indentifying and understanding our customer’s business and operational requirements. In this case, reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of staffing management, greater visibility of operations, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, and the responsiveness to recover in the event of a disaster or operational setbacks were indentified as key requirements for their contact center solution.

Why they chose Advantel Networks.


  • One-Hand-to-Shake Solution

    Advantel was the only partner that provided a one-stop solution for all aspects of the project, including the add-on of incorporating their Nuance project into the initial Contact Center project bid.

  • Coast to Coast Diligence

    Advantel’s project team was based across the United States which meant that every hour of each day someone from Advantel would be at work pushing their project forward. They had concerns about a west coast or east coast only based project team.

  • Real World Planning

    Advantel reviewed and made necessary modifications to their time-line and project plan based on our experience. This brought credibility to the overall project target completion date and inspired senior level confidence in working with our team.

Advantel’s Solution.

Advantel presented a solution featuring an Avaya Aura technologies including Call Center Elite, Elite Multichannel, CMS and Avaya Workforce Optimization. The Advantel Team described how the Avaya solution could improve operations with Avaya’s industry leading Business Advocate feature in Elite as well as provide full visibility to operations and operational management with CMS and Avaya Workforce Optimization.