Advantel and the Sacramento Kings create a cutting-edge arena built on concrete and code

November 10, 2016

The sports world is buzzing over Golden 1 Center. Everything about it—the striking architectural design, the emphasis on sustainability, and the Kings’ commitment to forward-looking technology—is setting new standards in the world of sports venues. 

Tech Report Magazine calls it “The world’s fastest and most connected indoor sports and entertainment venue.” Wired Magazine describes it as “Pretty much a giant Tesla.”

At Advantel Networks, we call Golden 1 Center one of the most ambitious and rewarding projects in our history.

According to Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger, Golden 1 Center represents the team’s determination to develop the world’s smartest sports and entertainment venue, with the most forward-looking technological infrastructure. The responsibility fell to Advantel to seamlessly integrate a staggering array of technologies, spanning wired and wireless connectivity, unified communications, video displays, sensors for monitoring waste, energy consumption and crowd flow and data security.


Most notably, Advantel is the official Presenting Partner for Golden 1 Center’s “crown jewel”: The facility’s 6,000 sq. ft. Data Center — the central command center that brings all of the arena’s technology, data analytics and security together into one streamlined location. Think of it as the nervous system for the world’s smartest sports and entertainment venue.

“Advantel is the exclusive systems integrator for Golden 1 Center, providing hyper-converged technology solutions for the entire project,” says Mr. Granger. “We’re intimately familiar with their impressive systems integration work with other sports venues in on the West coast, and with their solid reputation for outstanding work and a fierce commitment to every project they take on.”

Golden 1 Center: A look under the hood.

Our work with the Kings and Golden 1 Center is truly an example of next-generation connectivity. The infrastructure at Golden 1 Center will have internet speeds 17,000 times faster than your average home Internet connection, delivering data on the most modern infrastructure in the industry. Along with 200 gigabit bandwidth, fans will access the internet with ease – no matter how many others are using the internet.

Because of this, the arena will be capable of handling more than 225,000 Instagram photos and over 500,000 Snapchat posts per second. No more delays in posting to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Fans will be able to post content that will be displayed on 25 foot LED screens next to the main doors for game day, allowing the social media fans to play a more interactive role in the game and at events through fan-shared content.

There’s an app for that.

While we did not create the Sacramento Kings + Golden Center 1 app, we are proud that this remarkable breakthrough “rides” on Advantel-designed and -implemented infrastructure. Through the Golden 1 Command Center, fans can check in and gain access to pre and postgame updates within the arena app. With our state-of-the-art technology, fans will be able to find shorter food and beverage lines, unique video feeds, and instant in-game statistics and analysis. The app will even find you the shortest bathroom line!

The Results

Golden 1 Center is as ambitious and forward-looking a project as you’ll find anywhere in the world. According to Mr. Granger, “It was essential that we choose partners who are at the top of their game, especially as the facilities implement many exciting new technologies and applications.”

Close collaboration between the Kings and Advantel ensured that, after an 18-month development, Golden 1 Center was ready for the team’s October 2016 home opener. Mr. Granger observes “Advantel has come through for us in every way. Our team loves Advantel’s ‘get it done’ culture. Best all, they’ve helped us create a 1.5 million sq. ft. development that’s built on a technological infrastructure system that will be able to accommodate at least 10, and maybe even 20 years of future innovations.”