Business never sleeps.
Unfortunately, your data center is old and tired.

Keeping your data center or physical infrastructure updated with the latest technology is crucial to the operation of any business. An outdated data center brings inevitable malfunctions and loss of data, but it can also drive up your expenses. Today’s modern data center is becoming increasingly more complex but has the ability to deliver huge pay-offs for your business over time.

Advantel Networks’ portfolio features a wide range of data center solutions to help you organize your operations and reduce the risk of IT disruptions and technical problems, while cost-effectively and efficiently managing complexity.

In with the new.

Advantel Networks brings new thinking to the design and build of today’s data centers. With solutions that integrate leading technology thinking like virtualization and carbon-friendly designs, we help you create a new optimal data center or optimize the one you already have.

We are a trusted advisor to both small businesses and large companies—with partners that share our commitment to both innovation and best practice.

Customized Data Center Solutions

Our in-house experts assess your existing data center in order to recommend and design the most appropriate solution for your business. We also ensure that the physical infrastructure we design is as cost-effective as possible.

Coordination With Vendors and Contractors

Implementing an updated data center requires the services of several vendors and contractors. Advantel Networks manages that coordination for you, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Reduced Power Consumption

Traditional data centers consume more power than they should. We will help you design an energy-efficient data center operation that will not only reduce your expenses, but will also lessen your carbon footprint.


Shrink Your Footprint.

“Whether you’re considering a small or large data center, you can apply several simple design choices to improve the efficiency of your facility, reduce costs, and reduce your impact on the environment. Managing airflow, measuring PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), using “free” cooling, and optimizing power distribution are all smart practices that can make a big difference.”