Virtualization solutions with real returns.

Virtualization of your data center drastically reduces cost by transferring your data center contents into a virtualized environment. Not only are your expenses reduced but storage and overall operation of your data center becomes easier and more efficient. Virtual data centers also take storage to the next level by backing up and replicating your important data.

Advantel Networks utilizes best-of-breed data center solutions and services, including carrier services, data networking, physical infrastructure and cabling, HVAC and more. Advantel Networks boasts a team of experts equipped with the technical knowledge to design and quickly integrate virtualization solutions for any business.

Future proof planning.

The benefits of storage and virtualization can be enjoyed by any organization. However, before transferring your critical company data to a cloud or virtualized environment, you need to ensure that your business meets the necessary technological requirements. To make virtualization more cost-efficient, it’s critical that you opt for a virtualization plan that conforms to your current business needs, while still being capable of accommodating future developments and growth.

Remote Workstation Accessibility

Virtualizing your company’s desktops drastically cuts down the costs of refreshing hardware. With remote accessibility, deploying a Windows upgrade among multiple users, for instance, is much easier and faster

Automated Maintenance & Monitoring

Unlike traditional data centers that need to be monitored on a day-to-day basis, virtualized storage requires little to no maintenance. The automated management feature also makes it possible to run tasks without the need for a human administrator.

Smooth Transition

Transferring your data from a physical data center to a virtual storage environment can be an intimidating transition for any company. At Advantel Networks, we have partnered with industry-leading companies, such as Nimble Storage and VMware to ensure that downtime and risk are minimized during the critical transition period


Watch Over It.

“While planning or augmenting your virtual environment, it is important to include the integration of monitoring and access control in the mix. Seeing your inter-VM traffic can help you troubleshoot and optimize your virtual network. It can also help you define and refine access controls so that all traffic is business appropriate and enabling.”

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