Your new technology is up and running.
Now, how are you going to keep up with it?

Today’s business landscape is highly competitive, especially in terms of communication and technology. This is why upgrading your communication and data networking operations is no longer just an option, but a fundamental step towards the success of your company. Once your new technology is up and running, the next thing to think about will be how to manage and maintain it on a regular basis. Hiring in-house IT experts to do the job is one possible option, but it’s not always economically viable. In those cases, Advantel Networks’ Managed Services are a smart and strategic solution.

VantageCare: constant consulation and care
for the technologies that drive your business.

Advantel’s Managed Services, VantageCare, helps you take full advantage of powerful, intelligent applications and technologies without overwhelming your people and resources with it.

From implementation and design, to seamless integration and ongoing support and management, our expert consultants and experienced engineers provide intelligent services including full outsourcing services, hosted solutions, and staff augmentation.

Reduced Management Costs

Managing your communication network and other technologies from within the company can be costly. You have to hire and train the right people. You have to invest in the latest tools and programs. With Advantel’s Managed Services, our team of experts solves all that for a fixed monthly fee.

Enhanced Productivity For IT Staff

No longer burdened by the management of your communication and data systems, in-house IT staff can redirect their efforts toward other aspects of the business. And the capital you save on IT management can be used for other business projects.

Support For Every Level

Advantel’s Managed Services extend from the design stage up to deployment and maintenance. So whether you require support in the building stage of your technology or the optimization of existing operations, you can rely on our managed services.

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