01. ImplementationSquare

Implementation without limitation.

Today’s data and communication solutions for businesses and organizations are increasing in both capability and complexity. That’s why it’s crucial for companies to ensure that these solutions are designed, deployed, and supported with expert guidance and best practices every step of the way. At Advantel Networks, we don’t believe in half-measures—even the most efficient and cost-effective solution will fail without a rigorous, battle-tested, whatever-it-takes approach to implementation.

Measure twice, cut once.

We take a proven, disciplined approach to implementation. Our implementation process begins in our high-tech staging lab, where we perform all of the necessary groundwork prior to the actual implementation. Before the physical installation of your solution, we deploy a team of technicians with specific expertise and skill sets to meet your needs and complete your project.

Advantel also offers additional support with our project managers, network infrastructure engineers, network solutions specialists, trainers and professional consultants who are available remotely or on site as needed.

High-Tech Staging Lab for Initial Assessment

Advantel boasts a high-tech staging laboratory where groundwork is performed before deployment. All hardware and software is tested and a thorough integrity check is performed before they are shipped to your company.

Installation by Expert Technicians

Once the system’s components arrive in your location, our experienced technicians will unpack and inventory all equipment. After installation, all equipment is thoroughly tested to make sure all hardware and software parts are in tip-top shape.

System Registration and Maintenance

Advantel’s implementation services go the extra mile by ensuring that each piece of equipment is properly registered with the manufacturer—entitling your system to the latest updates and regular maintenance.