Environmental Policy

Advantel Network‛s Environment Policy: Go Green

Advantel believes in helping save our planet and offers “Green” products that can reduce costs and your carbon footprint.

Advantel and our technology partners are doing our part by providing ways to save electrical energy consumption, thus maximizing power and efficiency.

As part of our commitment to promoting green/and or sustainable business practices, Advantel has replaced our network switches, telephony and virtualized all applications.

Advantel Fleet is GreenAdvantel’s fleet of company cars are all fuel-efficient, averaging 38 miles per gallon, exceeding the Government Fuel Efficiency standard. In addition, the products we purchase from our preferred vendors come from certified renewable energy sources.

  • Save up to 45% on your energy costs.
  • Help reduce summer electricity usage.
  • Extend usage of your UPS system by reducing the drain from your communications assets.
  • Speed up your network and offer your organization greater network bandwidth by upgrading phones and network infrastructure to support Gigabit Ethernet.