04c. IPTelephony

Communicate the way your customers want you to.

Advantel Networks designs, installs and maintains solutions that create seamless communication between a business and their customers no matter the customers’ choice of communications channel. We partner with industry leading solution providers to deliver an open architecture solution which allows businesses to build communications system around a wide array of software and applications that leverage the benefits of IP telephony.

With the wide range of communications channels available (e-mail, telephony, video conferencing & web chat), Advantel Networks has both the expertise and experience to guide you to the right solution for your company.


World wide success.

IP Telephony or Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly becoming the preferred communication method for many businesses, thanks to its many advantages over wired phone communication. These advantages include lower costs and faster transmissions. Implementing IP Telephony in your contact center operations and unified communications solution can bring dramatic return.

24/7 Access to Voice Communication

Conduct voice calls without being limited by time or location. With IP Telephony you can also use a variety of devices, from laptops to smart-phones..

Reduced Costs

Calls made through the internet will eliminate fees that are often associated with traditional phone services, such as long distance charges and international tolls.

Smart Step To Unified Communications

VoIP solutions are affordable and comprehensive, making them the sensible first step towards a more complex and advanced communication system.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Advantel Networks helps you implement your new IP Telephony system with little to no downtime.

Voice Quality

Today’s VoIP has certainly come a long way in terms of reliability and voice quality. For reasonable rates, some private networks let you avail high-definition call quality with seamless voice traffic and zero static.