Cloud Computing for all.

Unified communications (UC) solutions can enable organizations to not only improve collaboration, but enhance worker productivity and customer service. These solutions provide effective ways for people to constantly keep in touch — regardless of location or communications device. One of the most efficient delivery models for UC is cloud computing, which is fast becoming the IT delivery mechanism of choice for enterprises today.

Advantel Networks has the expertise and experience to carefully plan, implement, and optimize cloud solutions.

Advantel Cloud Services.

Cloud computing offers very flexible, highly scalable and robust solutions so businesses can react quickly to rapidly changing and complex environments. Advantel solutions are provided “as a service” allowing users to access technology-enabled services from anywhere without the need for knowledge or control over the technologies behind these services.

Flexible Access to Resources

With your data and applications working in the cloud, anytime, anywhere access to your business data is always an internet connection away. Our cloud computing services makes your company data available from any device, instead of just on your desk top

Reduced Manpower and Costs

Updating and maintaining applications. One of the biggest drains on time and money resources is installing system software and programs. Cloud computing makes this massive task nearly automatic, reducing grossly inefficient use of time and people.

Scalable Services

Our cloud computing services fit big or small. Whether you’ve got two dozen employees, or supervising a global corporation with employees around the world, we can customize the right solution for you.

Advantel Networks Resources.

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