Unified Communications keeps everyone moving together.

Employees constantly on the move. Agents rushing from client to client. Executives flying everywhere. Whether your a small start-up company or a Fortune 500 corporation, reliable, innovative, and flexible UC solutions are key to keeping everyone together while they’re moving around.

Established in 1984, Advantel Networks has partnered with some of the largest providers in the industry, including Avaya, Microsoft, Mitel, Polycom and Aruba Networks. This dynamic alliance give our customers unprecedented access to the most flexible and best in class options for a truly customized UC solution.

Unified Communications isn’t a nice to have.

With few exceptions, Unified Communications is no longer optional for today’s organizations and companies. When you have clients and employees operating from different remote places across the country or the world, having a centralized interface where clients and staff can access and share information becomes essential. This interface should also be accessible from various platforms, whether it’s a tablet or a mobile phone.

Minimized Time and Expense

One of the biggest benefits of a comprehensive unified communications system is the dramatic time and cost savings when it comes to exchanging information among your company’s resources.

Improved Collaboration and Mobility

Better employee collaboration and mobility means better customer service. With centralized, remotely accessible data, employees can easily collaborate with each other and exchange customer information quickly and conveniently.


Advantel’s unified communications solutions are built for big and small. Small start-up companies and mid-sized businesses can also leverage affordable unified communication systems to enhance operations.

Customizable Solutions

Our comprehensive unified communication solutions are designed to grow along with your business. This means that as your company expands, your unified communication system also grows in size and sophistication—eliminating the costly need to invest in a different solution.


Don’t Make Process Improvement An Afterthought.

“To deliver on a high impact Unified Communications strategy, make business process improvement a key objective from the outset, not as something to tackle later. Our high performing clients follow and leverage UC/VoIP trends and review the ways in which specific communications channels can potentially improve their business-critical processes—both internal processes and those directly impacting customers as well.”

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