On the go has become the status quo.

The rapid rise of mobile communication has made it crucial for organizations to invest in seamless and scaleable solutions for their workforce. Advantel’s mobility solutions increase productivity, boost revenue and help your employees provide best-of-breed customer service. These tools provide a simple and fast way for you to access important customer information and respond effortlessly using a variety of devices.

Communicate anywhere, anytime,
and on any channel.

From unified communications systems, to smart phones, to one-number “follow me” applications, Advantel Networks gives your team a clear competitive advantage. Advantel offers mobility solutions that enable your employees to access all communication capabilities through one seamless interface.

Mobile Access to Resources

Eliminate the inconvenience of having to shift to another device or gadget in order to access crucial information. Whether it’s accessing an important PDF file or corporate email, our mobility solutions let you accomplish it wherever you are.

Enhanced Supervision Over Workforce

Smart mobile solutions keeps your people in touch, available and able to coordinate smoothly anytime, anywhere.

Reduced Communication Costs

Communication within a company’s infrastructure can be costly, especially if you are using public mobile phone networks. Advantel will show how to reduce your communication expenses by assessing usage and offering cost-effective alternatives

Task Mobility

Out of office, out of state or country, the right mobility solution allows to do your work as if you were sitting at the desk.