Where workers wander, technology must follow.

Wireless Networking is the reality today—people and devices must be free to go where their roles and responsibilities take them. Advantel Networks can help companies meet these new needs—designing and implementing wireless networks that are secure, high performing, available throughout, and simply, smoothly managed.

Happy WiFi, happy life.

Advantel Networks has highly specialized wireless engineers that can help design your network whether small and simple or large and complex. By performing predictive site surveys and active site surveys Advantel will ensure that your network is functioning in every corner of your work space and to your capacity requirements as well.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

People love to use their smartphones and tablets. We can help you manage how much the can/cannot do on their personal devices on your network.

Corporate Devices

Ensure that corporate policies can be enforced over the wireless network.

Other Smart Devices

The internet of Ihings (IOT) is constantly adding devices that require connectivity—make sure your network is ready.