Let us help you get your network up to today’s speed.

In the past a flexible network was not an option. Making small changes and handling basic tasks on an outdated data network can prove tedious and complex to complete. Today data networks need to be designed with business applications in mind.  Advantel Networks can help you take the guess work out of designing a modern, future-proof network. With a new breed of always-connected employees it’s critical to build a networking infrastructure that can keep up with them.

To stay up and running,
you need to stay up to date.

Technology is constantly evolving and it’s imperative for companies to incorporate the latest security solutions into their operations to keep up with it. Advantel Networks offers the thinking, planning, and partners to help you do just that. No matter how small or large your network, we’ll help you plan, implement, and manage the latest technologies and best practices to protect your company from loss, damage and unwanted intrusion.

Flexible Communication Vehicles

It’s critical that your data flow remains convenient and uninterrupted.This is why we make sure that users can trade information using a variety of devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smart-phones.

Global Management

Large corporations with global networks often run into management-related problems. With our advanced solutions, wide-scale networks can be monitored from a single centralized location.

Enhanced Data Management

Our data networking services help you manage your data in the most efficient way possible, eliminating insignificant information and duplicated documents to free up drive space.

Complete Administrator Control

Administrators can customize the system with complete control— authorizing users, controlling access and deciding what data is accessible from each workstation.

Guaranteed Security

With our systems solutions only approved users can access your data, and administrators have the opportunity oversee each and every access point.


Seamless Multi-Vendor Support.

“Few network managers have the luxury of working with a network comprised of elements from a single manufacturer. Consequently, challenges arise around learning the detailed ins and outs of each type of element and each management system. A smarter approach is to find and deploy management tools that offer true multi-vendor support. That way, the number of tools needed is reduced and the need for learning and maintaining multiple management tools is eliminated.”