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Disaster Recovery:
The biggest risk is not having a plan for it.

Spending money on preventive measures may seem like an unnecessary expenditure—especially if you are working with a limited budget—but recent events show that disaster recovery is becoming essential to small and large organizations. In the event that your communication equipment bogs down, a natural disaster occurs, or you become the victim of cybercrime, you can end up losing significant data and information. Advantel Networks’ disaster recovery solutions can provide your company with enormous benefits.

We’ll get you ready for any and everything.

Advantel Networks Disaster Recovery services provides a cost-effective safeguard against the damaging effects of unplanned and costly downtime, enabling your vitally important communications infrastructure to perform at its peak, and allowing you to stay focused on growing your business.

In the event an outage occurs, our expert staff engineers work diligently to pinpoint the issue and make sure your network is up and running quickly.

Immediate Communication Restoration

In the event of any system failure, it’s essential that communication lines remain open. Otherwise, your customers will likely contact your competitors since they are unable to reach you on time.

Disaster Procedures

You can’t always prevent a disaster but you can plan for it. To minimize disruption, Advantel Networks defines procedures that will help you make the right decisions during an unexpected outage. These procedures provide a guide to employee supervision, vendor interaction, and client communication and reassurance.

Consistent Customer Satisfaction

Today’s customers hold the companies they do business with to a much higher standard. Advantel ensures that you have an immediate, consistent, and satisfying customer response to any glitch in service.