Keep your network safe and your business sound.

For over 31 years, AdvanTel Networks has been providing cutting-edge data networking and voice solutions to organizations across the world. These solutions help both employees and customers when it comes to communicating and exchanging data across various platforms.

However, even the best network system won’t work without the right security measures. Advantel takes network services one step further by providing top-notch security measures to ensure that your data and communication stays private and safe.

To stay up and running,
you need to stay up to date.

Technology is constantly evolving and it’s imperative for companies to incorporate the latest security solutions into their operations to keep up with it. Advantel Networks offers the thinking, planning, and partners to help you do just that. No matter how small or large your network, we’ll help you plan, implement, and manage the latest technologies and best practices to protect your company from loss, damage and unwanted intrusion.

Real-Time Monitoring

Advantel employs real-time fault detection and diagnostics including Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Web Filtering, Firewall, Content Security and Anti-Virus.

Secure Remote Operations

Remote accessibility is fast becoming the norm. That why Advantel deploys advanced VPN solutions that provide an extra boost of security for remote users.

Data Backup

Loss of data is a common concern with yesterday’s data networks. That’s why Advantel offers the option of smart, affordable data backup on a regular basis.

Best of Breed Partners

To provide better security services, Advantel has partnered with best of breed IT security experts, such as Juniper Networks and Palo Alto Networks.


Mobilize Your Security Forces.

“Effective mobile device management is critical as more organizations move to BYOD policies. Implementing lost-phone policies, restricting the use of third party apps and enabling remote swiping of data are all important considerations for a secure BYOD workplace.”