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Many businesses lose customers due to a poorly managed contact center and clunky technology. It’s important to keep in mind that when customers call your contact center, they often do so as a last resort. In most cases, these customers have already tried your website but were unable to find the assistance that they are looking for. Advantel will help you develop and maintain a contact center that consistently guarantees customer satisfaction.

Contact Center confidence.

Advantel Networks delivers a wide range of contact center solutions that any business can maintain. We take the time to understand your unique business needs and objectives, customizing convenient pre-packaged applications, leveraging a high-tuned delivery process, and providing comprehensive levels of support.

We design solutions that serve everyone that uses your contact center—management, contact center agent and the customer. Whether the customer is communicating with a home-based agent, an outsourced employee, an in-house specialist or an agent from a satellite location, the encounter remains productive and consistent.

Automated Self-Service Systems

Automated self-service systems enhance efficiency and enhance call organization. The self-service system features automated support for common and entry-level customer concerns such as shipment tracking and payment methods.

Resource Allocation

Many companies outsource their contact center services when it is more cost-efficient than hiring in-house agents. An efficient resource allocation system lets you keep track of your contact center agents even if they are operating halfway across the world.

Traffic Management

End long queue times. Our Contact Center solutions efficiently organize phone calls, emails, faxes, chat messages and text messages so that agents can prioritize them in an organized manner.

Interaction Improvement Tools

Our contact center solutions include automated customer surveys and other tools that can help you measure the satisfaction level of your customers and the productivity of each customer-agent interaction.


Daily Interaction Improvement

“We believe that contact centers should be continuously improving themselves. This is why our contact center solutions include automated customer surveys and other tools that help our customers measure the satisfaction level of their customers and the productivity of each customer-agent interaction.”