Advantel cloud computing and cloud solutions

Advantel: The single provider that puts you in control of the cloud.

Advantel takes something complicated — migrating legacy systems to the cloud — and makes it all, well, simple. We’ve had our heads in the cloud for well over a decade, pinpointing the best partners, and implementing reliable, high-performing solutions.

Is the cloud right for your business?

Which systems belong in the cloud and which do not? Which providers should you invest in? How do you make the transition? These are all questions Advantel  can answer — in the process, taking your business to the next level quickly and securely.



Why work with Advantel?

We already understand your technology from the ground up

  • We know IT, we know the cloud, and most importantly, we know your business
  • Single point of contact: We manage all escalations
  • We tell you the truth. All providers are not created equal? We’ll let you know
  • We’ll be here, long after the supplier sales person
  • We’re invested in your long term success
  • We provide you choice in choosing the best vendors

Benefits of the cloud

  • Reduce spending on technology infrastructure
  • Achieve greater economies of scale
  • Enhance globalization of workforce
  • Improve security
  • Reduce CAPEX significantly
  • Minimize software license requirements
  • Increase flexibility and reactivity
  • Reduce training and learning curves
  • Achieve better visibility company-wide
  • Streamline business processes



Insights into cloud computing


Private cloud savings over three years.


Public cloud savings over three years.


Hybrid cloud cost savings over three years



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