Preparing for the Edge

    As mobile devices and Internet-connected products grow in number, data is exploding in volume as well. Existing cloud-based computing architectures, however, won’t be able to continue to handle the increasing quantity of data. The impending solution is the adoption and implementation of edge computing.

    The term ‘edge computing’ is short for ‘edge of network computing.’ Edge computing is a process that enables Internet of Things (IoT) data to be analyzed much quicker, by processing it nearer to its source rather than transporting it long distances to a data center or a cloud. This increase in speed provides the almost real-time analysis needed by many of today’s enterprises.

    Edge computing pushes the frontier of applications, data, and services away from centralized models. In application, it can take many forms – for example, they could be mobile in a vehicle or smartphone. Alternatively, they can be static — such as when part of a building management solution, manufacturing plant or offshore oil rig. Other applications include in hospitals or other medical settings.

    Edge technology enables increasingly dynamic interactions. For example, a self-driving car and a home security system will need to quickly interact to respond when you arrive home, want to open the garage door and turn on certain lights. These devices also need to interact with the human voice or other signals and respond correctly and in real time.

    With edge computing, an IoT device will transfer data to a local, small-form device with network, compute and storage capabilities. It is this ‘micro datacenter’ device that carries out the edge of network processing before moving some or all the data to remote storage.

    With the massive growth in IoT devices and the number of enterprises beginning to use them, edge computing is set to bring valuable developments in the speed at which data is processed, as well as how it is stored, transported and handled. To learn more about the business value and risks of edge computing for your organization, get in touch with our team at Advantel.