Elevate Your Business With Cloud-based Services

The rapid emergence of new technologies has drastically changed customers’ expectations of brands and companies. Today’s customers are everywhere, and they expect businesses to be the same. From e-mails to calls, messaging to social media, retail interactions and more – today’s businesses are expected to provide a unified, consistent experience across all touchpoints.

For legacy enterprises, transforming processes in order to meet this expectation can seem like a difficult and complex task. However, with a cloud ecosystem that incorporates services such as CRM platforms and contact centers, meeting this challenge becomes much more manageable. Leaner, cloud-based models match the pace of societal innovation. This can enable businesses to approach the market in a more dynamic and holistic way, delivering stronger customer experiences.

Approaching the cloud and incorporating it into your company’s operations should be seen as a digital transformation – adopting modern technology and digital practices which help you accelerate business activity, improve competency, and heighten efficiency.

This becomes a metamorphic process in which your company departs from generalized marketing, sales, and customer service to pursue specific and individualized approaches which improve your profits while boosting customer satisfaction and retention. Transitioning to a cloud-based ecosystem isn’t a quick add-on — it’s an adoption of foundational pieces of technology which enable a cultural and hierarchical shift within your organization.

Companies that shift to cloud platforms can leverage a wide range of tools that work in synergy. Cloud-based CRM platforms are rapidly subverting on-premises business models. These, followed by virtual contact center solutions and other SaaS technologies, greatly improve enterprise agility and product delivery. The joining of CRM, contact center and other SaaS applications in a cloud ecosystem enables companies to create an intuitive and efficient digital work environment.

As a central base of operations, your CRM, when augmented by a cloud contact center solution, can take data from calls, emails, social media and unify them in a single dashboard. From this dashboard, customer service, sales and marketing can have greater context to serve individuals. Beyond this, CRMs can act as a universal interface for several segments of your business. HR, finance, sales, marketing, customer service, IT, etc., can all work through a multifaceted digital infrastructure.

Advantel and best of breed partner, Five9, can help guide your business through a successful digital transformation. With the implementation of our UCC and cloud-based solutions, you can improve digital engagement with your customers; automate and/or improve business practices; and enable big data and analytics to provide greater market insights and further improve your customer experience.

With a transformed approach you’ll be doing more with less resources, improving company growth and top-line revenues, and staying ahead of the competition. A comprehensive cloud-based model is for the enterprises that want to survive. It won’t just keep you afloat, it’ll help you thrive.