Future-Proofing with Agile Network Security

Modern hackers are frequently attempting to breach organizational networks, and are continuously evolving and learning new security measures to find ways to exploit them. Their primary goal is to identify opportunities to gain access to the internal data of organizations and hold their networks hostage.

In this environment, network security solutions must be constantly upgraded in order to keep your business, employees and your assets safe. In fact, many of the network security measures deployed even a year ago no longer provide the optimal security measures.

It is time to embrace a new approach to network security in your organization. With the ever-present risk of cyber crimes, it’s important to ride the network security wave with flexibility, intelligence, and caution. It is the time to become agile.

No organization can afford to overlook an agile approach to network security. Here are the prime reasons to embrace this new approach:

Collaboration and Communication
One of the biggest mistakes organizations make while protecting their networks is not putting enough importance in involving the complete organization. No doubt, it is the responsibility of the IT staff to maintain network security, but everyone’s participation is equally important. It is essential that a broad team is actively involved in making the network secure. Otherwise, there may be gaps which leave vulnerabilities in the network.

A collaborative effort allows your organization to:
Maintain effective communication between the IT team and upper management on how to tackle security concerns.

Educate employees and make them active defenders. Involving them in security maintenance procedures creates more engagement and makes it easier for staff to recognize and alert others about emerging threats and security issues.

Security Enhancement via Training
Every network user within your organization could be a potential bridge to security threats. The agile mentality fosters a sense of awareness by educating and training all the users in a network on security protocols. This approach empowers users to be active in defending the network.

Password plundering: Just one password breach can put entire organization’s network at risk. It is crucial that all the employees are aware of the password policy. They should be taught how to choose suitable passwords rather than using easy-to-guess combinations. Moreover, they should be provided with alerts at regular intervals to change their passwords. Avoiding these measures could leave open gateways to your business’s most important assets.

Shadow IT: The do-it-yourself and user workaround solutions for handling the information are critical security pitfalls. These solutions make the user efficient, but the reality is that they go past the IT team’s detection and hence, can pose security threats.

Email Scams: The risks associated with clicking a link associated with a random email are prominent. It is important to make sure that every user is able to detect these emails that can lead to security breaches in your organization. An agile approach to network security bridges the awareness gap and keeps every employee in your organization informed of the latest security threats. When these security breaches are tackled at individual level, they can help prevent the entire network from being compromised.

Stay Proactive
Many businesses address issues only when they become visible, but this approach is incorrect. It is important that businesses should be proactive towards security rather than being reactive. The cost of data stolen, the downfall of a company’s reputation, legal actions, etc., are much greater than the cost of implementing proactive security measures.

Proactivity is the product of agility. Every organization should give importance to flexible security measures that are future-ready and serve the internal needs in best possible manner. Security measures should be able to detect any loophole in the network security and incorporate new features rather than deal with security problems after they occur. At that point, it could be already late to do anything about such issues.

The deployment of agile network security solutions is the need of every organization. Don’t let outdated and ineffective security plans compromise your business’ crucial assets.
Advantel can help your organization create a robust, agile network security solution. Get in touch with us today to learn more.