Digitization in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is changing very quickly, with new challenges emerging all the time. To be able to face these challenges, healthcare IT professionals need to stay ahead of the curve. Within the last year, there have been amazing technological advancements in patient support, Internet of Things applications in hospitals, electronic wearables for health monitoring, and much more.

With all this emergent technology, it’s important for healthcare professionals to stay up to date with the trends. Digitization is essential to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare operations moving into the future. To keep your organization ahead of the competition, it’s necessary to understand why digitization is the need of the hour.


How is digitization enhancing the healthcare industry?

Increased Communication

In healthcare organizations, the speed and effectiveness of communication is essential to creating a high-quality patient care experience. To streamline services and maximize the level of care provided to patients, high speed communication channels are required.

In order to offer the highest standards in patient care, hospital systems require integration with advanced automatic communication systems. These systems facilitate patient placement, record management, system alerts, results monitoring and emergency situations.

Reliable Networks

Hospital networks are complex, involving several devices requiring high speed connectivity and reliable network access. ER systems, essential medical equipment, guest smartphones, and more – all require secure, dependable access to your network. As such, hospitals require high performance internet that can meet critical usage needs.

It’s imperative for healthcare organizations to evaluate their IT infrastructure and ensure it can handle the immense demands on its network. Service outages or gaps must be prevented at any cost.

Expanded Data Storage

Classic record keeping strategies have become obsolete, with new data storage methods emerging which are comprehensive and easy to implement. Advantel facilitates such requirements for your organization by transferring your data center contents into a virtualized environment. This strategy will reduce your operational costs to a great extent, while maximizing organizational efficiency.

Improved Security

All public-facing service facilities carry high security risks. The medical data and personal information shared and stored within healthcare systems is sensitive, and can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. In one example, attackers can use ransomware to block access to these records and demand payment to restore access to the data. To prevent such situations, healthcare organizations should be sure they’re covered by the best network security services to prevent any malignant access to or use of their data.

Advantel for Healthcare

Transitioning to the latest digitally enabled services is essential to any best practice provider within the healthcare industry. Advanced digital technologies have the ability to accelerate the speed of communications and improve the accuracy of healthcare services, while insuring reliable and secure network usage within your organization. Advantel helps your organization harness the benefits of digitization by working with you to create a robust, future-ready communication network. Get in touch with us to learn more.