Hybrid Cloud Solutions to Empower the Digital Transformation

The business landscape is taking on a new competitive dimension defined by digitization and an increasing number of demanding and informed customers. Implementing Hybrid Cloud is becoming essential in boosting the digital expertise of your organization. Advantel uses best-of-breed virtualization and cloud solutions for the digital transformation of your business.

For organizations that are on the road to digitization, the cloud is as necessary as a workout to an athlete. Hybrid cloud can be linked to the broader digital strategy of the organization. The cloud and Hybrid-cloud are interlinked and the latter is the fastest growing segment of the cloud market, a combination of the public and the private cloud. Hybrid cloud is ready for prime time.

The benefits of the Hybrid cloud in boosting digital transformation is currently the topic of discussion among the top leaders of the IT world. It has been predicted that by the end of the year 2018, 40% of IT spend across all business sectors will be for cloud-based technologies. By 2020, 45%-50% of all spending will be for cloud delivered models.

A Hybrid cloud environment can be represented as a modern IT infrastructure, involving two or more of the three delivery models. These models incorporate a traditional data center, a managed private cloud, and a public cloud, in combination with the coordinated management and service provisioning. In the near future, the applications running on a public cloud without any links to services, applications or workloads within your data center or another cloud service will be very few. Hybrid cloud is the new facilitator for complete digitization of an organization, and charts the road ahead. It should be recognized as the ‘next step’ to moving from a mixed and challenging IT domain, to a much more ahead-of-the-curve and responsive IT environment. It is one of the essential ingredients for a complete digital transformation.

It is proven to bring governance and increased security to organizations already investing in public and private cloud infrastructure. Hybrid cloud ultimately offers a framework for connecting data, systems and people seamlessly to unleash innovations in the IT world.

Most organizations are far behind trying to combine public and private cloud capabilities, and do not have their digital business objectives in place. Achieving digital business and infrastructure readiness goals by an organization deploying hybrid cloud solutions is three times higher compared to their non-adopter counterparts. According to IDG Research, “83% of global IT and business executives, use hybrid cloud environments and 88% of the respondents believe that hybrid is very important to enable digital business transformation”

Advantel’s hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions allow clients to free up their IT maintenance budget, in turn, allowing them to invest more in innovations that improve their overall business.