Best is a practice – What our new tagline means

    The saying may technically be grammatically incorrect, but the meaning behind it is heartfelt. Simply put; “Best” is what drives this company. It’s what our customers expect and what we deliver. Bringing the best people, the best processes and the best technology to the best clients is the heart of what we do.

    We don’t limit our best to a single solution or service. It’s in everything we do, from top to bottom, day in and day out, project after project, and year after year.

    “Best” means something more to us. It’s a way of thinking that sets us apart.Strange as it may seem, our business is not our priority. We don’t focus on the best interests of Advantel. Instead, it’s our customers’ best interests that matter. They take absolute priority in everything we do. Our approach is consultative, and our commitment to what’s best for our clients allows us to serve as their trusted advisor. That role – and the trust it entails – would be impossible to achieve if we put other interests first – even our own.

    This philosophy is what defines Advantel, and the true meaning behind “Best is a practice.”

    “Best practices” is a phrase that many organizations have adopted in recent years. Some companies follow best practices. Some subscribe to them. Some adhere to them. Some even apply them.

    But all the following, subscribing, adhering and applying in the world doesn’t necessarily promise or represent anything more than paying lip service to a noble aspiration. “Best practices” – often serves as an incantation meant to reassure customers that there’s something good going on behind the scenes – even though it’s rarely clear what that “something” is.

    We wanted to take the idea of best practices a step further and remove it from the realm of the buzzword. After all, we take the underlying concept seriously, and we think its application is far from vague.

    In our eyes, the real meaning of best practices is clear and specific. The single most significant thing we can do for our customers is put their interests before others, including our technology manufacturers, and our own.

    In the end it’s simple. “Best is a practice” simply means you can be confident in knowing that every time you collaborate with any of one of us at Advantel, you will be getting the very best we have to offer. Every. Single. Time.



    Providing government with the Advantel advantage

    Advantel Networks has worked with organizations in both the public and private sectors for decades. Over the years, as we’ve expanded our presence in the public sector, we’ve come to appreciate some of its distinct features. Despite the relatively common image of government contracting as a place requiring nothing more than strict adherence to arcane rules, we’ve found that flexibility is the key.

    “We’re proud to serve the U.S. government at the federal, state and local levels,” says Mark Ritchie, Advantel Networks’ President, who also serves as VP, Federal Programs. Ritchie adds, “The government – especially the federal government – is different, and it’s different from the private sector in surprising ways.”

    For Advantel, this is actually good news. These distinct differences have contributed to our ability to flourish in the public-sector business.

    When dealing with government installations, we’re often dealing with aging infrastructure, a condition that’s not entirely different from the state of the nation’s roads and bridges. In the public IT space, the point of updating that infrastructure is not to reach the bleeding edge, even when there’s a push to bring things into the 21st century. Current standards are one thing, but other priorities take precedence, and security is often the first of those priorities.

    That’s not to say that private organizations ignore security or that they’re willing to sacrifice it in favor of implementing the latest and greatest application. While security does demand increasing attention from the private sector, it’s absolutely the paramount concern driving every government decision.

    This is a concern that’s felt even in the bidding process. A contractor cannot simply delegate parts of the job to subcontractors of its own choosing. No matter how qualified those subs may be, each and every one has to be properly vetted and accredited pursuant to specific governmental standards – a daunting requirement to say the least. This understates the problem bidders face, as accreditation requirements disqualify many bids from the very start.

    It’s here we’re uniquely positioned: We don’t have to look outside of Advantel for expertise – we have it. Our in-house expertise has implications beyond security. The federal government, for example, may not be looking for the most cutting-edge solutions, but that doesn’t mean they want to be outdated, especially if that includes a mix of legacy systems that may not play well together in today’s ever changing world. A unified technological solution, including communications, would be an obvious choice.

    We don’t have to lobby for the inclusion of subcontractors we’re forced to depend on to get a project completed. We don’t have to look beyond Advantel; we’re able to cope with the full spectrum of an organization’s technical infrastructure from top to bottom, managing everything from voice and networking to security and storage.

    If there’s a discipline needed to establish a state-of-the-art converged network, we have that discipline in-house. Our expertise allows us to manage projects from beginning to end with the kind of reliable efficiency and deep competency you rarely get when bringing multiple vendors together.

    None of that is reserved for the public sector. It’s natural to Advantel. It’s the same competence and expertise we bring to any project, public or private. Our ability to deliver is entirely sector-neutral.



    During the sales process, advising our client (or a prospective client) always takes precedence over making the sale. Your company’s needs are our top priority. Our job is more than selling you a technology solution, it’s listening, assessing, and making thoughtful recommendations. The goal is to choose and implement the right solutions that will meet your current and future needs.

    LISTEN – As a solutions integrator, we ask lots of questions. But it’s even more important that we listen. It’s when we listen that we truly understand the needs of your company. Many times, it’s when we listen that we are able to diagnose a need or solve a problem that you may not have considered or been aware of.

    ASSESS – It is not enough for a customer to call an account manager and “order up” products and services. It’s our job to look at the whole picture, to evaluate your current systems and assess not only what you are asking for, but to ensure that your technology needs are being met to the fullest.

    RECOMMEND – Once we have listened and assessed, we take all the information gathered to recommend the best solution for you. Our recommendations are specific to your needs and what’s best for your organization.



    Integrity is the cornerstone to building a lasting partnership. Providing technology solutions is more than a one-time transaction. It is an ongoing relationship – that through engagement, honesty, and respect, becomes a lasting partnership. We are there for the long haul, putting your business needs and concerns ahead of our own gain.

    ENGAGEMENT – Have you ever purchased a service or product and once installed, never heard from anyone again? That will never happen with Advantel Networks. Your Account Manager is in regular contact with you, not only during the sales and implementation process, but well beyond.

    HONESTY – There are too many companies well versed in the art of deception. Advantel is not one of those companies. We are forthright with our recommendations, pricing and time tables. If you ask us a question, you’ll get an honest answer (even when it’s an answer you may not like).

    RESPECT – We respect your intelligence, your time and the complexities of your organization’s needs.



    It is not enough to declare that we are the experts, and to expect you to simply trust us. We earn your trust by being reliable and responsive. It is paramount that we deliver what we promise, when we promise it. That the advice we give and recommendations we make are best for your business needs and success – not our bottom-line.

    RELIABLE – We provide reliable and best of breed technology solutions and customer support. Our customers can always count on Advantel Networks to be there for them.

    RESPONSIVE – Be it a call back from your Account Manager or a Customer Support call, we won’t keep you waiting. We are there when you need us, no matter the time of day or size of your request.

    At Advantel Networks, being anything less than a Trusted Advisor is unacceptable. Every project is a top priority and every client is our most important client. By putting your needs first, nurturing our partnership, and earning your trust, Advantel Networks IS you Trusted Advisor.